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Christopher D. Schmitz writes mostly genre fiction, especially Sci-Fi and Fantasy, but also stories that have been called "Stephen King-esque." He also writes some nonfiction, dabbles in game design, and speaks/presents at libraries, comicons, schools, and more.  If you met him at a convention, he may have even been in a costume.

Most recently, he's released the Curse of the Fey Duelist series and new installments in the comedy detective series, 50 Shades of Worf. Schmitz also writes multiple series including Wolves of the Tesseract (Urban Fantasy), Dekker's Dozen (Space Opera), Shadowless (SF Apocalyptic), The Kakos Realm (Epic Fantasy), and The Esfah Sagas (High Fantasy) which was originally created by the creators of Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance (TSR).

Make sure to follow his mailing list to stay up to date (and get a free book for signing up!) Check out the rest of this page for more details.

In addition to writing genre fiction, Schmitz also provides consulting work and author mentoring programs to help newer writers succeed, or help experienced authors get to the next level. 

For newer writers, Schmitz provides consulting services or workshops (either keynote/live or via online courses). 

For authors with one or more books published, Schmitz offers insight on how to sell more books in live situations such as book signings etc. He sells thousands of copies every year at live shows, events, and book signings or guest appearances.

Click HERE to look at available courses, books, and mentoring packages.

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