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Earth’s surface is a wasteland.

Three hundred survivors live in a bunker called Ark I. Lumen panels keep away the faintest shadow. Mankind remembers its primal fear: that something sinister lives in the dark…

…and in the corridors of Ark I, the lights have begun to fail... Something has gotten in.

Dr. Swaggart, a drug-addicted scientist living in the halls, must team up with Ricky, a disabled man who possesses a third-grade IQ. Can they restore power to the lights and the oxygen before the dark things access the facility's self-destruct system?

"I Am Legend meets City of Ember."

Stay in the Light... Stay Alive.


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The Dark Veil Opens: The beginning of the end! Two researchers and their assistant discover a scientific link between the supernatural and the natural and unwittingly unleash something evil upon a college campus.

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The Shadowless is available as an ebook, on audible, or paperback and hardcover. Get your own copies now!

Purchase the books in paperback or hardcover from the Treeshaker Books online store and you can opt to have them autographed!

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