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the Indie Author's Bible

A DIY guide to start right, what to do once you've begun, and beyond

Paperback, eBook


“I’m writing a novel… what are the steps?”
“My literary masterpiece is finished—where do I go now?”
“My fantasy series doesn’t fit in with any mainstream publisher—how do I self-publish and do it right?”

This book will show you how to get your manuscript independently published at zero cost, provided you can do the hard work required--you can be as successful as you want to be.

This is a practical book with step-by-step advice to guide any writer through becoming an Indie author. It also covers some of the "why" aspects and peeks beneath the scenes showing failures, successes, inside information, and encouragement for the ultimate do-it-yourselfer.

John in the John

Paperback, eBook

Nonfiction, humor

I've always said, "If you think you can never find time to get in the Word, leave a bible or devotional book on the back of your toilet." This book is meant for exactly that.

For most people, the Bible verse they know off the top of their head is John 3:16. For me, it's Philippians 4:13—and honestly it's because it was on a decorative, framed print on the wall of my childhood bathroom.

John in the John contains 61 devotional entries. Pick and choose. Read one daily. Read one entry weekly. Whatever works best for you, find a way to get more scripture in your life.

Some of my friends have literally "come to Jesus" while in the bathroom—one of the last private places where people can find some quiet time. Hopefully my "in the John" devotional series can help.

Why Your Pastor Left

Paperback, eBook, Audio

Nonfiction, Religion

Data, research, and stories about American pastoral decline.
Nine of ten ministers know three or more peers who've been forced out of pastoral positions; a third of all pastors serve congregations who either fired the previous minister or actively forced their resignation; and at any given time, 75% of pastors in America want to quit. American church decline has reached epidemic proportions and in the last century, church influence has waned nearly 60%. Pastoral attrition is either an indicator of that problem or a central part of it. Why Your Pastor Left is full of detailed statistics and identifies the top ten “Ministry Killers” that cause pastoral stress and eventual “burnout.”

Research is ongoing with many source statistics grossly outdated. Ministers, former ministers, and their wives are encouraged to take a brief survey to help update statistics about clergy hardships, eviction, and family matters.
Please click here to take the survey.

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