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The Kakos Realm series

An epic, faith-based sword & sorcery tale of good, evil, and redemption. There is only one throne... and this is no game.

"This book feels like what we'd get if C.S. Lewis wrote a Game of Thrones story, with all the intense danger, unabashed morality, and clearly defined good and evil that this would entail. This would be the resulting book series!"

Book 1: When a ranger finds himself at the center of national conflict, a scheming arch-mage sends his private kill squad of powerful acolytes to collect the heads of Rashnir and his friends. How long can the band of outcasts survive the bloody assassination attempts? One truth still exists: fire and judgment are coming.

Book 2: Rashnir and his friends look for ways to escape from Grinden; the demonic prophet Absinthium crowns the warlord Rutheir as King. When travel plans suddenly go awry and they wait for the return of one of the First Elves, the ranger and his friends are trapped at the center of an old quarry and facing the unified armies of their enemies.

Book 3: Following the battle of Grinden Quarry, the rebels split up and flee Jand in order to evade The Order who has demanded the heretic rogues' lives... but at every turn some new evil arises: vampires, bounty hunters, and technomancers. The Watcher finally arrives and reveals that not all evil is as easily identified.

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