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the Indie Author's Bible

A DIY guide to start right, what to do once you've
begun, and beyond

“I’m writing a novel… what are the steps to get in print?”
“My masterpiece is finished—where do I go now?”
“My fiction series doesn’t fit with any mainstream publisher—how do I self-publish and do it right?”

This book shows you how to get your manuscript independently published at zero cost, today’s tools let independent writers be as successful as they chose to be.

The Indie world is a jungle and there are few well-beaten paths—some of those safe-looking paths end in pits. If you want to navigate it safely, you should find a guide... like this book.

This practical book features step-by-step advice to guide any writer through becoming an Indie author. It also peeks beneath the scenes showing failures, successes, inside information, and encouragement for the ultimate do-it-yourselfer.

•Step by step roadmap to getting in print
•How to get your book into Audible
•How to spot predatory publishers/services
•How to format your interior copy
•Where to get free art for covers
•How to get carried on bookstore shelves

•Wasteful practices to avoid
•Guide to meeting professional standards
•How to create ebook & paperback coupons
•The importance of reviews
•Best practices for self-editing
•And so much more...

Author/Speaker Christopher D. Schmitz also teaches on this topic at convention panels and workshops and gives private consultations to writers. Contact him at

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