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The first book of The Kakos Realm series was Schmitz's first book and is built upon an alternative creation story, common worldwide shared mythologies, and a bet between God and the Devil that accounts for a thoroughly fallen dimension in desperate need of hope--the story kicks off with the discovery of that very hope and the redemption of a fallen warrior.

This Christian fantasy series blurs the line between JRR Tolkien and George RR Martin.

The first and second trilogies will be available as collected works. Between 2016 and 2018 the series got a book each year. Shaking of the Firmaments should hopefully be ready by 2020


Wolves of the Tesseract is a YA Adventure story that reads something like Percy Jackson VS Cthulu.

Claire Jones thinks she's just an ordinary girl until she is kidnapped and caught up in an inter-dimensional war. As a descendant of the Architect King, she is the ultimate prize and key to the evil sorcerer's plan's to satisfy his monstrous deity, the Sh'logath.

0 Taking of the Prime (comic book)

1 Wolf of the Tesseract

2 Through the Darque Gates of Koth

3 The Architect King (tentative)

The "In the John" series is a humorous, inspirational bathroom reader. It is a collection of funny stories and comics perfect for leaving on the back of the porcelain pew.

Something of an Uncle John's and Chicken Soup for the Soul hybrid, future volumes are open for submissions from anyone who cares to send them in.

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Especially on the comic-con circuit Dekker's Dozen is one of my best selling books with fans asking me when the next story will be released. Stories are ongoing and the first book in the chronology can be downloaded for free (Weeds of Eden).

Check out the series that has been called "the next best thing to Firefly" and "the Magnificent Seven in space" by readers.