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A demon set her house on fire… with Claire still inside.

When her father’s oldest friend, an elderly language professor, decodes a primeval text, Claire learns the cultists believe there is magic in her veins. Only her blood has the power to unleash an ageless evil and allow those chasing her to breach a gate that must never be opened. Claire’s only hope is to learn the secrets of a mysterious artifact that can alter reality. The Tesseract. But it’s guarded ancient protectors: the Vangandra. The Wolves.

If the cultists catch her, they could end all existence… and Claire is sick of running.

Are you afraid of the dark?

After E-Day, only a few hundred humans remain alive, living inside a government-funded apocalypse bunker. Its miles of subterranean corridors are so well lit that not even a shadow remains. Mankind is terrified of what lives in the dark... and Deep inside of shelter Ark I, the lights have begun to fail.

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The mountain dwarves of Balgavarr Reaches hold territory the neighboring Uruzak kingdom wants. When a presumptuous lava elf from Uruzak forms an alliance with the goblins of the Big Wet, a new and terrifying force grants the dwarves' enemy the key to an ancient evil: a plan to resurrect the elder dragon who once plagued the mountains and nearly drove the dwarves from their home once before.

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Check out the series that has been called "the next best thing to Firefly" and "the Magnificent Seven in space" by readers. It's got vibes like Mandalorian and Cowboy Bebop.

Join the Dozen on one of their adventures... and then binge the rest of them!

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