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Board Games!

I am an avid gamer and also a musician, in addition to a writer. I've worked on a few games in addition to my fiction and release new games and supplements through Kickstarter. 


If you're not familiar with Kickstarter, it's a crowd-funding platform that lets you support new things. When you back a campaign at different values, it earns you exclusive rewards.


Many books and board games are released this way and the platform helps creators generate energy and new interest as they head into a new project (and sometimes those exclusive items and early editions wind up becoming extremely valuable and highly coveted!)

3d Mockup.jpg

Check out this game launching on Kickstarter in conjunction with the game company, PickUpandGoGames who are making the Division of Nerd Crime.


Just Click the image, and then hit the button that says, "Notify me on Launch" so that you get alerted when the game goes live. We will launch the new game at the same time as the 5th book in the hilarious buddy-cop mystery series... The Division of Nerd Crime: Nerd-A-Mania V!

Also, if you want to check out another game, this one was designed by me, The Call of Pooh-Thulu is below! If you use Kickstarter to get either game you will get an exclusive promo card for the other game--so get awesome loot by backing them both!

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