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An epic Urban Fantasy

Curse of the Fey Duelist

Reading list for the series includes:

0. Origins of the Cursed Duelist
1. A Kiss of Daggers
2. Of Mages, Claw, and Shadows
3. Of Courts and Thrones
4. Fangs and Iron
5. Of Fates and Bones

A 50% shorter version of A Kiss of Daggers is included in the book bundle Faeted Mates and was titled Kiss of the Fey Duelist. It was only 99c as a presale special. You can click here to check it out on kindle, nook, or ibooks.

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Origins of the Cursed Duelist

Betrayed. Erased. And made an orcish slave.

A human child falls into the hands of a fey warlord with aspirations to the unseelie throne. But when that child learns to fight and grows into a shadowkiller of the faewylds, old grudges come home to dwell.

Remy Keaton’s memories of his prior humanity may have been snuffed out, but when the brutal warlord Rhylfelour takes things too far, Remy makes a strange alliance with the Spider Lady, Rhagathena. But with hers and the warlord’s eyes both set upon the unseelie court, could Remy’s revenge trade one monster for an even worse one—one set up to strangle the Winter Court in webs of deceit and skulduggery?

All vengeance comes exacts a toll… can Remy Keaton afford to pay its steep price? With Rhylfelour’s murderous fits of rage, can Remy afford not to pay it?

If you like dark fantasy, paranormal, and urban fantasy with elves, magic, and mystery, then you need this book. For fans of Sarah J. Maas, Rae Carson, Holly Black, and Cassandra Clare

Origins of the Cursed Duelist is available as a free ebook wherever you shop for ebooks at and can also be downloaded by joining the author's newsletter.

A Kiss of Daggers

Blood. Elves. And Duels. This is Arcadeax: a mystic land of honor, intrigue, and spellpunk arcana.

A childhood tragedy trapped Remy Keaton in the faewylds with nothing but a blade forged by his need for vengeance. He doesn’t remember his human life before that day but long ago learned the harsh ways of the seelie court.

When Remy rescues the daughter of a wealthy elven merchant from bandits he falls madly in love with her. But a kiss from the elf girl would bring him a curse. Not only is love between the fey and the sons of Adam forbidden, but Jaira was promised to another: a capricious elf noble with a murderous reputation.

The only option for Remy is to win a dueling contest that will earn him the kiss he desires and quite possibly purchase the respect of the fey kingdom. But when an enemy offers to restore Remy’s lost life, he learns the high cost of either option: abandon the woman he loves to the wickedness of her betrothed, or enter the fight of his life and lose his past for ever. Regardless of his decision, Remy must still face the horrors of Cathair Dé’s arena.

Can Remy and his friends escape Cathair Dé alive?

If you like paranormal romance and urban fantasy with elves, magic, and mystery, then you need this book. For fans of Sarah J. Maas, Rae Carson, Holly Black, and Cassandra Clare

You can check out A Kiss of Daggers by clicking here!

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