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Join me on Ream

Ream is a subscription platform (like Patreon) but dedicated to authors and reading communities. It's free, although you can also decide to sponsor work. In 2024 I got off the amazon hamster wheel, deciding to go deeper with my fans and build a community, rather than surrendering to the almighty Over-Bezos.

What is Ream?

The platform allows writers to build communities around their stories and charge a monthly fee that rewards your readers with early access to your stories, bonus content, access to new stories and your backlist, and even perks like signed books and merchandise.

Ream is free and also has a mobile app that can be downloaded directly from the main site for Android and iOS devices.

Ream is designed to help authors build a direct-to-reader experience and it is built by fiction authors for fiction authors and is optimized for an incredible reader experience.

I'm on Ream @LegendsandLorecraft. Hit the button below and join the community as a follower or a supporter. Either way, you'll have the opportunity to chat in the dedicated forum, or access past stories (some are exclusive) and leave real-time thoughts!
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